The aim of this service is to present you with a professional and an accurately researched set of data.
With a passion for genealogy, we are confident that you will pleased with the results.
All comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Requirements and Terms & Conditions
These serve no other purpose than to assure you of the best possible service - there is nothing nasty hidden in here!

If you need any more information or clarification, please contact us

  • All the data supplied will be backed up by full provenance.
  • No spurious data will be included. If it cannot be proved, it will not be included

What you need to supply
  • It is requested tha all "starter" data supplied by the customer be accompanied with provenance. We can only gaurantee accuracy under these criteria.
  • Documents or photographs that need to be included in relevant packages. You may decide that you want to insert originals yourself if you are concerned about loss or damage, in which case please supply copies. It is strongly suggested that photographs only be supplied as copy prints or electronically - originals may be irreplaceable.

How we can receive your starter data
  • Via e-mail - if you use this method, please bear in mind mail box limits and download times. Electronic text causes no problems, but document images and photos will need to be compressed to around 100kb if forwarded in large quantities.
  • By post - please ensure that everything is sent via a secure and traceable method - good quality photocopies and/or electroic images may be preferable to irreplaceable originals.
  • Via meeting - if Guernsey based, it would be easier to visit you.

How we get you your package
  • Posted packages will be sent by a secure post or courrier service.
  • Hand delivered in Guernsey

What you get and what else you may have to pay for
  • The packages are as descibed on the individual package pages.
  • NO extras will be charged or documents purcahased without you approval
  • The only documents that we charge for are those which we have to purchase on your behalf if requested - normally copies of BMD (Birth, Marriage or Death) certificates.
  • BMD certificates will attract a 1.00 handling fee over and above their individual purchase cost.
  • If you want to purchase BMDs yourself rather than have them supplied, we will provide all the necessary entry information you will need and instructions on how to order them - this is part of the package and not chargeable.
  • In some instances we will need to purchase BMD certificates immaterial of the above - we will advise in advance and await your approval. these will be chargeable as above.
  • The production times for packages may vary slightly from those stated - we will advise should we think ther will be any issues.

  • 50% of the relevant package will be charged with placement of order
  • The balance will be required on completion of, and prior to despatch of, your relevant package. This would be made up of the remaining 50% of the normal package price, plus specific documents ordered and/or duplicate data packages.
  • Payments are to be made in GBP

Package shortfalls
  • If we are uable to reach the required package level, we will advise accordingly and discount on the 2nd part of the main package payment will be given dependant on shortfall. Other charges for documents will however still be chargeable where appropriate

Ongoing Projects