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Have you ever wondered about your ancestors, who they were, where they lived, what they did? Do you remeber as a child hearing about Aunts and Uncles, or vaguely remember meeting a relative? Maybe you have old photographs stored away and wonder who "Aunt Jean" was. These memories can be quite evocative and you may be thinking how can I find out more.

ancestryresearchservice. com can bring these memories to life again. With a growing amount of records and other infornation now being available and increasing all the time, we can help you fit the pieces together and produce a lasting collection of data which in turn can be passed on to your family and children as a record of their predecessors.

Our packages include family trees, birth marriage and death records, will & probate records, immigration & emmigration record and other documentation when available.

All you need to do is provide as much information as you can regarding your known relatives (names, dates, locations etc) and we will do the rest.

For more details on our packages and what you need to do, please go to our Services page.

Happy hunting!
The aim of this service is to present you with a professional and an accurately researched set of data.
With a passion for genealogy, we are confident that you will pleased with the results.
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