The Camerons of Fassifern
An ancestral guide through the past for both my family and other Clan Cameron branches
The Camerons of Fassifern © 2012
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Clan Cameron Australia
This site has been produced in celebration of years of meticulous genealogical research undertaken by members of the Cameron Clan in Australia.
Commissioner of Clan Cameron in Australia and past President of Clan Cameron in New South Wales, Bob Cameron has provided the backbone of Clan Cameron research over the last twenty years. His painstaking research and attention to detail has inspired others.

Camerons of Fassifern and beyond - family tree site
A personal project covering the Fassifern branch of the Clan Cameron.The site also covers previously published data of the main Cameron branches, but aims to extend this to an in depth site bringing in other cameron families from Scotland and the rest of the UK, Ireland.
Special attendtion will also be given to South Africa (18th Century to Present) and Camerons in India (HEICS and Raj).
Along the line we will pick up Camerons who have emigrated to other non published areas around the world.
Ancestry Research Service - profesional genealogical research
Offering a professions service to those who wish to find out more regarding their ancestors.
We specialise in Scottish families wherever they may be in the world.
We offer a three tier service with the premium service coming in a presentation folder with cover crest.
For more details please follow the link

IWC Probate Services
IWC Estate Planning & Management Ltd. offer a full range of Probate, Executor, BV and Genealogy services.
Being members of the "Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners" and the "Heir Hunters Association" their service is professional and friendly.
They also offer a competitively priced Genealogy research service to the highest standard of presentation
A site recording the genealogy and history of Bomford families around the world.