The Camerons of Fassifern
An ancestral guide through the past for both my family and other Clan Cameron branches
The Camerons of Fassifern © 2012

The Genealogies site is a bespoke site giving full family tree information as well as individuals pages in great detail.

The site has a growing list of individual families which are choseable from the drop down menu on the advanced search page. So if you have an idea of your Cameron ancestors or where they originated from in Scotland or elsewhere around the world, this may be the best way to search. Alternatively you can search for individuals by forename and surname with the option to add other search criteria such as birth or death dates, locations etc.

At present the main tree, "Fassifern Direct", gives deatils on the Camerons of Fassifern as well as all direct Cameron of Lochiel data and associated branches.

The rest of the trees are for other Cameron families with no known or researched links to the main line. This is not so say that they are not connected in some way, just that no link has as yet been made.

As the time passes I will be adding more and more families to the genealogies site, in an attempt to build up a huge database of all Cameron families. I would be most grateful of anyone who would like to contribute NEW unpublished families or add UPDATED information to exiting data. I would  ask that all contributed data be accompanied by some sort of provenance where possible.

All the research that has been done over the past 24 months has been provenanced through the relevant documentation, a lot of which is included on the individuals pages - there are also a good amount of documents that have yet to be uploaded, and I have tried to note these where appropriate.

I am keen to make the site more than just a list of names, dates and places adding relevant notes as well as images where possible so if you wish to contribute and portraits or photographs of people currently on the site, I would be happy to recieve these. Please send via e-mail as files no larger than 500kb.

I hope that you enjoy the site. "The Camerons of Fassifern and Beyond..."

NB: There are a few issues on the site with duplicate and rogue data at present due to technical issues with some file transferds at my end, but these should be ironed out over the coming months. If you notice any incorrect information please do let me know

Deatils for the Cameron family tree site "The Camerons of Fassifern and Beyond..."