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Captain Peter Cameron
Deatils and histories for Captain Peter Cameron (1777-1843)

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Captain Peter Cameron was born in Kilmallie, Argyll, Scotland on 10th September 1777. He was the 9th child of Sir Ewen Cameron of Fassifern and youngest brother of Colonel John Cameron. His naval career was spent within the confines of the Honorable East India Company's Service commencing, according to Charles Hardy's "A register of Ships...of the... East India Company" 1835, with a comission on the "Cerres" as 4th Officer under Captain George Stevens sailing from Portsmouth to China and return. His subsequent voyages on the "Cerres" saw him rise to 2nd officer for two further voyages to China and Bombay.

His 1st Command was on the East Indiaman "Ann" in 1810 covering Madeira, Madrass and Bengal between 1810 and 1815.

In 1816 the earl of Balcarres made her maiden voyage where Peter was 1st officer under Captain James Jameson. The following season he was given Command of the "Genearl Hewitt" and then the "London". From 1821-1827 Peter Cameron made three further voyages, all as Commander of the Balcarres with his last apparent voyage being from Falmouth 3rd March 1826 and returning 16th May 1827. His crew on this last voyage was recorded as including Thomas Rees, John P Griffith, Boulter J Bell and Oliver K Richardson as first to fouth officers respectively, with the ships surgeon being Henry Arnot and the purser John Lloyd Wardell.

As far as is known Peter was unmarried, although there is a reference to a Peter Cameron, HEICS, marrying a Mary Ann Allen in Edinburgh in 1820. This however is unlikely as he was as sea as Commander of the "London" which sailed from 27th Dec 1819 to 10 May 1821 taking in St Helena and China.

Peter died on 4th October 1843 at Blaich (Blackheath) and at his death was recorded as owning 1000 of East India stocks. A monument to his memory stands in Fort William.

Naval career:
4th, 3rd, 2nd officer "Cerres" - 1807-1810
Commander "Ann" - 1810-1815
Ist Officer "Earl of Balcarres" - 1816-1817
Commander "General Hewitt" - (1818-1819)
Comander "London" - (1819-1821)
Commander "Earl of Balcarres" - (1821-1827)
Earl of Balcarres
The Earl of Balcarres was recorded as one of the best known and finest ships of the day, built wholly of teak in Bombay in 1815 measuring 1417 tons and carrying 2 tiers of guns. The Balcarres stayed in HEICS service until 1834 and eventually ended her years as a hulk on the west coat of Africa